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Multi-User Softwarestack for interactive Machine Learning on HPC-Clusters

HPC meets interactive Data Science and Machine Learning

Carme (/ˈkɑːrmiː/ KAR-mee; Greek: Κάρμη) is a Jupiter moon, also giving the name for a Cluster of Jupiter moons (the carme group).

or in our case…

an open source framework to manage resources for multiple users running interactive jobs on a Cluster of (GPU) compute nodes.

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Marketing Slides

CARME slides (05/2022)

Selected Conference Presentations

Core Idea

We combine established open source ML and DS tools with HPC backends and use therefore

Job submission scheme

Key Features




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Who is behind Carme?

Carme is developed at the machine learning group of the Competence Center for High Performance Computing at Fraunhofer ITWM.

NOTE: We are open for contributions!




The development of Carme is financed by research grants from